Stolen Christmas gift leaves boy, 4, heartbroken

Austin Woodcock, 4, on his quad bike

Austin Woodcock, 4, on his quad bike

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Callous thieves have left a four-year-old boy heartbroken after stealing a beloved Christmas gift from his home.

Rachel Woodcock, 29 of Bridlington Road, Nafferton realised her son, Austin’s precious quad bike had been taken around 9am on Tuesday 18 February.

Mrs Woodcock last noted that the green and black bike, suitable for children, was safely locked away in her shed on Tuesday 12 February.

The distraught mother said: “Austin is absolutely heartbroken, it is so hard to explain to a young child that he probably won’t be getting it back.

“He hadn’t been using it over the weekend because of the bad weather so when I went in to get some parcels from inside I realised it was gone.”

Mrs Woodcock and her husband Neil, who have reported the theft to Humberside police, believe that thieves have been watching the house.

She added: “I think they have been watching us.

“I live on the old road towards Bridlington, you wouldn’t need to come down here unless you were visiting somebody.

“I have been around to speak to my neighbours but none of them saw or heard anything and noone seems to have a similar problem.”

The mother, who works at Tesco in Driffield, has heard reports from other people who know of similar incidents happening in the area.

Mrs Woodcock added: “I came to work and it seems as though a similar thing has happened to a lot of people.

“I would just advise people to keep their sheds and garages secure.”

Austin’s parents have put out a plea to residents of Nafferton and the surrounding area to keep an eye out for any information about the theft.

Mrs Woodcock said: “If anyone see’s the bike or knows anything then please just let us know or contact the police.”

If anyone has any information about this incident please contact Humberside Police on 01377 249815.

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