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beverley hypnotherapist

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BEVERLEY Hypnotherapist Steve Burgess, who is well known from his appearances on TV and radio, will be running a six week course on mastering the art of self-hypnosis in February.

He hopes that people will be so intrigued by the amazing world of hypnosis that they will be prepared to change their lives forever.

‘’Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and can help with a wide variety of issues.’’ Steve says. ‘’For example, it can aid relaxation and reduce stress and anxiety, help to let go of old habits and fears, and improve sleep, health, self-esteem and confidence. It can also enhance learning and sporting abilities, relieve pain and speaking fears, as well as help lose weight and stop smoking.’’

Steve is confident that anyone can learn to hypnotise themselves. ‘’The self-hypnosis course is designed to guide people into a deeper understanding of hypnosis and to teach them how to access a trance state. Once in trance they can programme the deep, inner mind to achieve all manner of things.’’

Steve is hopeful he will get a good response. ‘’The whole subject of hypnosis is a fascinating one and the power of hypnotherapy is so great that if it could be bottled it would be mankind’s wonder drug. Those attending the course will be learning a large amount about the incredible healing power we all possess.’’

For further information, please ring Beverley Hypnosis on 01482 870874 or email: steve@naturaltherapy.karoo.co.uk

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