Woman stabbed man she loved

Gavel and scales

Gavel and scales

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A JUDGE has sent a Langtoft woman to a high-security psychiatric hospital for stabbing the man she loved and attacking five police officers.

Rachelle Leslie, 27, was in a highly-charged relationship with Jeffrey Goodwin when he asked her to stab him with a knife to end his life, Hull Crown Court heard.

Ms Leslie plunged the knife into his stomach to a depth of 2 cm but immediately felt remorse. Police were called to Bon Garth, Driffield, to a report that she had stabbed Mr Goodwin, but were met with abuse.

Ms Leslie, who was at the back door, told police to go away before barricading herself in to the lounge using a settee to block the door way. The house was turned upside down. Because police were searching for a stab victim, they forced their way in and tried to remove the barricade. Ms Leslie took the chance to reached through and hit Pc Damien Brown on the head.

She was arrested and Mr Goodwin was found clutching his abdomen through his T-shirt which had tissue and blood covering a 2cm deep wound. He refused to go to hospital, but was treated as the scene by a paramedic.

Leslie of Bon Garth, Langtoft, appeared at Hull Crown Court on Tuesday (April 1) pleading guilty to one charge of wounding and five charges of assault on uniform police officers.

Mr Goodwin told police it was his fault and he did not want Ms Goodwin to get into trouble. He was anxious he was going to be arrested and told Ms Leslie to end his life.

“Rachelle Leslie made an effort to comply with his wishes but could not go through with it because she loved him so much,” said Crown advocate Philip Evans. “She was taken for interview at the police station and during the course of it wrapped the electrical cord from the tape machine around her neck and tried to strangle herself. Her lawyer intervened and the police officers removed the cord.”

As she returned to her cell at Bridlington Police Station, she kicked Pc Kevin Poulton on the shin. While she was being watched in her cell by WPc Emma Sorenson, Leslie threw scalding hot tea over her on August 3 2013. Ms Leslie also pleaded guilty to assaulting Pc Plummidge, Pc Overfield and Pc Stinson following a separate police call to Bon Garth, in Driffield, on July 29.

Defence barrister Ian Brook said Ms Leslie was in a sorry state when first taken into custody, but was now improving with medication. He said he would not argue against the inevitable Hospital Order in her case.

Sentencing, Judge Jeremy Richardson, QC, said: “This can only be described as an appalling series of incidents. It is plain to me you are mentally unstable and were suffering from a mental illness at the time you committed these crimes. I am told you have been diagnosed as having an emotionally unstable personality disorder. There is much that should be done for your medical treatment. Had it not been for you mental illness, the starting point would have been a custodial sentence. It is plainly in the public interest, and in your interests, that you continue with this treatment. Unless it is treated, we will be back where we where, only for it to be repeated. Don’t be optimistic it will be soon, but you will one day be released.”

Rachelle Leslie was given a Hospital Order which means she will be held indefinitely until doctors feel she is safe to be released. She was taken back to St John’s House Hospital, in Suffolk.

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