Yorkshire and the Humber reels from 15.4% fall in real wages

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breaking news

Figures published on Monday by the GMB show that wages across the UK have fallen in real terms by 13.8% since 2008.

The Yorkshire and the Humber region fares worst of all regions, except London, when it comes to the fall in levels of pay.

From 2008 to 2013, the region experienced a fall in the value of real wages of 15.4%, against a national average of 13.8%, and a fall in London of 20.4%.

Andrew Cooper of the regional Green Party, said: “Ordinary workers across the region are not being rewarded by businesses as they should be! People are struggling to pay their bills after years of wage declines and attacks on living standards.

“These are the best figures government has to offer.

“People have had to watch banks bailed out with billions of tax pounds, energy companies ramping up prices and MPs debating an 11% pay rise for themselves! Even the head of the CBI is telling bosses, pay your workers more!

“With Switzerland poised to have a referendum on paying every citizen a Basic Income - regardless of whether they’re working or not! - surely the UK can pay a living wage!” continued Clr Cooper.

“For the New Year, all most people want is a pay rise!”




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