Mr Harold (Paddy) Sanderson

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A funeral service was held at St Mary’s Church, Kirkburn on Friday, January 11 for Mr Paddy Sanderson of The Limes Residential Home (formerly of Tibthorpe) who died peacefully in The Limes on January 4.

The service was conducted by Ramona Holt and the organist was Mrs Gwynneth Clark.

Paddy was born at Southburn and attended school at Kirkburn. After leaving school he worked at Middleton Hall as a gardener and later joined Southburn Estates working for the Prince-Smith family as a gardener/chauffeur. He then joined his father who was the blacksmith and agricultural engineer, still working at Southburn and stayed there until the Estate was finally sold.

Paddy then worked for his self and severallocal farmers until he retired.

He loved gardening and when his late wife Kathleen was alive they enjoyed holidays in the Lakes and the Dales.

Paddy & Kathleen lived in Tibthorpe all their married life and brought up three children there.

Family Mourners: Rose & David Crawford, David & Svetlana Sanderson, Shirley & Tom Newlove (daughters, son & in-laws), Brendan Newlove, Mandy & Adrian Ludlam, Giles & Jill Sanderson, Lisa & Charlie Hall,, Caroline Sanderson & Ian Everitt, Zoe & Stewart Howe (grandchildren & partners), Millie Newlove, Holly & Lucy Donoghue, Caitlin & Renea Brook (great grandchildren), Barry & Russell Yeadon rep Stephen & Peter Yeadon (nephews), Bernard & Christine Baker, Alan & Gladys Baker rep Mrs Freda Johnson (sister in law), Sandra & Graham Lee (niece & husband), Mrs Lily Sanderson (sister in law unable to attend)..

Others present: David Adamson rep the family & Dora Stannard, Richard Walgate rep Christine Warkup, Sandra Cuthbert rep Joshua Theakston, Susan Hepworth rep the family, Margaret Buckton, Olive Hodgson, Joyce Hudson, Jane Burdass, Maggie Duncan, James Richardson rep Jackson, Robson & License, Janet Megginson rep J K B Megginson & Sons, Mr & Mrs C Rodger, Sandra Hood, Joan & John Gledhill, Sylvia & Michael Jackson, Caley & Donovan Sackur, Lady Nelson, Mike & Liz Phillips rep Angela Jones, Mr & Mrs J Walgate, Mr M Lakes, Mr Mick Malster rep Peter Wadsworth, Mandy Jordan & Leoni Coultass rep The Limes, Geoff & Doreen Walters, Mr & Mrs D Haldenby, Christine Hickson rep Mr & Mrs K P Hickson, Ruth Pearson, Richard & Lynn Knight, Jane Arnold, Keith & Janet Abel rep all family, Hilary & Cecil Rookes rep Colin Mantel, Tom Grange, Mr T Rookes, Jill Morfatt, Lynn Thomas, Adli Mashale, Janet Arnold.

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