Mrs Margaret Robson

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A funeral service was held at the Methodist Church, Nafferton on Thursday February 7 for Mrs Margaret Robson of Nafferton who died peacefully at home on January 31.

The service was conducted by the Rev Ian Hill and the organist was Sarah Sellar.

Margaret was born in Driffield to Lily and Frederick Pape. She was the youngest of three girls. They were a staunch Methodist family and her father was the local preacher. Sadly her father, whom she adored, died when she was only 16, but her mother lived with Margaret and her husband until she passed away in the 1970’s.

Margaret trained as a teacher at Avery Hill in London. She went on to teach at a number of local primary schools, including North Dalton, Bainton, Kirkburn, Driffield, Kilham, Hutton Cranswick and Nafferton. She also taught at the Senior school in Driffield. She loved children and this showed in her working life and her family life.

Margaret married Allen Robson in 1944 and they went on to have five children, Frederick, Jean, Sally, Nicola and Jo. Since then spouses, two grandchildren and a great grandchild have been added to the family.

In later years Margaret worked part-time at Jackson Robson Accountants.

She was a very accomplished lady with lots of talents and interests. She attended classes on Birdwatching, natural history and flower arranging; she learnt to paint on china and produced a number of delightful pieces which the family still treasure. The skill she enjoyed most was toy making: she made lots of toys for her own children and enjoyed passing on her skills to the children she taught. She was also a brilliant cook.

When she moved from Driffield to Nafferton, she helped to design her new home, and the main requirement was that it should be able to accommodate all the family, plus their spouses and children and it was indeed a place of welcome and refuge for family and friends.

Margaret was a wonderfully kind and generous person, who put others first and was always there for the family.

Since Allen died in 2008, Margaret was able to stay in her own home, with the help of her carers. She could not have received better care and the family are very grateful to all those who looked after her and who enabled her to stay in the comfort of her own home.

Chief mourners: Mr Frederick & Mrs Sally Robson (son & daughter in law), Mrs Jean & Mr Freddy Kent (daughter & son in law), Miss Sally Robson (daughter), Dr Nicola Robson & Mr Andy Borland (daughter & son in law), Mrs Jo Scott (daughter) rep Mr Dean Scott (son in law), Mrs Clare, Mr Tim Haskell & Miss Bethany Haskell (granddaughter, husband & great granddaughter), Mr Mark Robson (grandson).

Others present: Pippa Robinson rep Nigel Robinson & Simon Bradshaw, Audrey & Don Oxtoby, Peter & Gill Scruton, rep Reg Robson, Heather & family, Janet & John Robinson, Ann Beal rep Mr & Mrs M Shepherdson, Peggy Byas,Barbara Trees,Mrs M Kirkwood,Scrap Douglas, Mr & Mrs Adrian Robson, Gillian & Marcus Thatcher, Jennifer Owen rep Jonathan Owen. Jenny Owen rep Richard, David & Elizabeth Owen, Caroline Thatcher, Michael Thatcher,Joan & John Gledhill, George & Heather Alcock, Dennis Major, Mr & Mrs F Pickering, Mrs Sylvia Thompson,Kim Long rep Dawn Huntley & Tina McMillan, Donna Ellis, Mr & Mrs P M Robson, Mr & Mrs S G Robson,Mrs E Robson, Kevin & Linda Rafferty (Londis),Rodney & Dorothy Hardcastle, Siobhan Palmer, Mary Palmer,Val Hebblewhite, Mel & Sue Radcliffe, Ann Dawson, Nancy De-Kok, Kim Bone, Felicity Zakhour, Susan Robson rep John Robson & Sandra Coulson, Maureen Crandley.

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