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A funeral service was held at the East Riding Crematorium on Monday, 30 December for Mrs Kathleen Stella Prince who died on 19 December, 2013. She was aged 87 years.

The service was conducted by the Rev John McNaughton, a tribute was given by her grandsons Blake & Michael & the organist was Mr L Burtenshaw.

Stella was born in Cottingham on April 21, 1926 - the same day as the Queen! She was the youngest - she had three brothers Wilf, Bill and Dennis and adopted brother Gordon. She left school at the age of 14 and went to work at the Nuffield Hospital as a Cadet Nurse, at the age of 16 she went to Halifax General, nursing wounded soldiers during the war.

She met Clive towards the end of the war after his return from Rhodesia, serving in the RAF. They married at St Mary’s Church, Cottingham on May 3, 1945. After their marriage they went to live with her mother Annie. In 1946 they had their first baby Pamela and in 1947 their son Michael, shortly after this they moved into their first family home on The Close in Cottingham. At this time Clive managed a butchers shop and Stella undertook private nursing for older people. In 1950 they bought a shop in Northgate, Cottingham and ran a successful business for many years.

In 1958 they had their third child Ian. Tragically, this perfect family bliss only lasted a short time, only six weeks after the birth of Ian, their first son Michael died in hospital following a routine appendix operation.

In 1964, the family sold the shop and moved to Finkle Street where they stayed for seven years, Clive kept pigs and Stella kept chickens.

Sadly in 1967 their only daughter Pamela was tragically killed in a road accident, once again Stella’s stoic nature helped to bring the family through this horrendous time.

In 1971 the family moved to Kilnwick, she fully embraced village and farm life where she became an active member of the community, running the village shop and post office and often holding ‘cream tea’ parties in the garden for the local community, she did this for many years until her retirement at the age of 60. After retirement she continued to be an active member of community groups such as Country Women.

She doted on her grandchildren: Leila-Jane, Emma, Blake, Aymee, Michael and Mollie-Rose and her great grandchildren: Skye, Oliver, Sienna, Noah and Millison.

In February, 1999 Clive, her beloved husband died. They had been happily married for 53 and a half years. She loved her dogs a huge amount and took great joy and pleasure from them.

She will be greatly missed by her family.

Family mourners: Ian & Janine Smith (son & daughter in law), Grandchildren - Michael Prince & Paige Wilson, Mollie-Rose Prince, Leila & Carl Holmes, Emma & Andrew Sterriker, Blake & Catherine Prince, Callum Websdale. Pall Bearers: Blake Prince, Michael Prince, Carl Holmes & Andrew Sterriker.

Others present: Anne & Ken Luckett (niece & Husband), Jean Walker (niece) Keith Walker (nephew) Janet Burtenshaw, Paul Casey & Kathy Collinson, David & Jessie Cooper rep the family, John & Elspeth Briggs, Audrey & Ernie Weightman, Marina & Jemima Routley, Mr & Mrs D Thomas rep the family, Ann Bowser rep Pam Bowser, Rosie Stephenson, Jim Sterriker rep Ray, Chris & Richard, Paul Faulkes, Nigel Stinson, Denise Edeson, Stella Edeson, Sophie Edeson, David Kilvington, Angelo Meniconi, Faye Simpson, Sheree Milnes, Ted Headley rep Mr & Mrs Sam Berriman, Mr & Mrs James Hunter, Eileen Beddows rep Mr Lee Beddows, Brian Prince (nephew), Reginald & Myra Prince (nephew & wife).

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