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At the Winter 2014 meeting of the trustees of the Tribune Trust held at Humberside Fire and Rescue Service H/Q, members approved grant awards totalling £12,300 for 7 community based projects throughout the Humberside Police area tackling community safety and crime related issues.

An amount of £5,000 previously reported was also released to fund the annual Humber Night Challenge event and competition for 150 young people aged 13 to 19 years planned this year for the night of 5/6 April from Brantingham Park, Elloughton.

Additionally members considered the approaches currently being taken to tackle the availability of ‘New Generation Drugs’ and the threat that these cause to young people and communities.

The following projects will receive grant awards for the amounts stated.

1 £2,000 to the Empathy Drug and Alcohol Project, Oswald Rd, Scunthorpe. Empathy is an established charity in North Lincolnshire supporting the families and carers of substance misusers. It seeks to ensure that the service needs of families including siblings are met within treatment services. The volunteers of ‘Empathy have all shared similar experiences and understand the feeling of isolation, being ashamed, confused and frightened of the consequences of misuse. The service provides one to one support, weekly sessions and outreach in the community. The award from the Trust will fund additional features planned for the service.

2 £3,000 to the Humberside Police Rock Challenge Competition. Rock Challenge which is a performing arts initiative is hugely successful in Humberside delivering positive healthy lifestyle messages to young people aged 7 to 18 years. Teams from 42 schools and 6 youth groups will compete in performances at Grimsby Auditorium, Bridlington Spa, Hull Arena and Hull City Hall during March, April and June. The programme increases the resilience of young people to resist negative influences by developing their self-esteem and teamwork skills building upon their considerable talent, commitment and enthusiasm in an exciting atmosphere. It is as crucial today as when it started in Humberside in 1997 having regard particularly to the concerns about new generation substances.

3 £2,000 to the Hull based NSPCC ‘Face to Face’ Project. The NSPCC is developing a service at 18 centres in the United Kingdom to provide intensive one to one support for young people in the care system facing the most difficulties as they approach leaving care. The project will work with children and young people most at risk from further abuse, neglect, sexual exploitation, peer violence, substance misuse, risk taking behaviour, running away and self harm. It will work with existing agencies but will provide added value because the sessions with young people will be intensive and involve outreach work. The Tribune Trust funding will support ‘outreach’ aspects of the project.

4 £2,000 to QPD ‘Quality Personal Development’. QPD is a social enterprise operating in Hull and the East Riding area. It is an educational college which fulfils the wider potential of young people to serve in the armed forces. It has built an excellent reputation for taking students from a variety of backgrounds, sometimes troubled with previously perceived unachievable ambitions for careers in the military. Barriers to success have included health and fitness issues, substance misuse, confidence, lack of qualifications, abuse and exclusion from school. The combination of self discipline, confidence training, mental strength, physical stamina and college learning has proved to be very successful in turning lives around. 60% of students go on to serve in the armed forces but those that do not gain confidence and experiences preparing them for employment. The award from the Tribune Trust will fund the provision of equipment as the trustees acknowledge the service that QPD does for young people and the community. Whilst based at Wenlock Barracks, Hull it is not part of the military.

£500 to the Humberside Police Volunteer Support Scheme. This was established in 2008 to promote community involvement in volunteering. There is now a very strong team of volunteers assisting the police, Fire and Rescue Service and the Humberside Crimestoppers Board with a wide range of activities in the community. Together with funding from other partners the award will go towards supporting a major event acknowledging the value of the programme and the commitment of the volunteers.

£2,500 for a domestic abuse programme in the East Riding and Hull. Victims of domestic abuse often suffer many attacks before they have the courage to report them to the police.

The High Sheriff of the East Riding in 2012/13 Julie Good made domestic abuse a priority during her year in office and together with all agencies wants to do more to improve the confidence of victims to seek help. A victim suggested the production of a series of short case study films on domestic abuse to support other victims and aid cross agency training.

The award from the Tribune together with support from other partners will fund the production of the films which will be launched formally in the late spring.

£300 to the Annual East Riding Magistrates Schools Mock Trial Competition to be held on 8 March at the Beverley Magistrates Court. This is part of a wider citizenship education programme run by magistrates nationally to introduce young people to the legal system in an innovative way. Three teams from The Sirius Academy and Winifred Holtby Academy in Hull will compete in the competition with judges including the High Sheriff of the East Riding and a Crown Court Judge.

New Generation Drugs. One of the aims of the Tribune Trust is to support community based projects that tackle drug and alcohol misuse. It has close contact with all the projects supported over the years. Through them the members have the ‘ear of young people’ and workers in the voluntary sector. Concern has been raised with the Tribune Trust about the availability of new generation substances on the streets and via the internet with the threat these pose to young people. There is also a worry about the media labelling of such substances as ‘legal highs’. This is inaccurate, dangerous and confusing to young people and their parents. The Government is urgently reviewing legislation, control and the availability of ‘New Psychoactive Substances’ and locally all agencies are endeavouring to tackle the trend through community safety, education and drug and alcohol commissioning programmes. The trustees suggested however that there was an urgent need for a greater coordination of effort and accurate media coverage by all concerned to educate young people and the community about the dangers of such substances to minimise harm and reduce their availability. The Trust will be supporting existing projects with this but its members will use their influence with other agencies and the media to make progress.

Geoff Ogden, Director of the Tribune Trust said, “Once again the diversity of projects supported in this round of funding demonstrates the value of community based programmes usually run by volunteers tackling the issues of the day linked to crime. The discussion about new generation drugs came from those programmes and was not to sensationalise the situation simply to ensure that everyone remains ‘ahead of the game’ to tackle it responsibly”.

Tribune Trust Director. Mr Geoff Ogden will retire as Director of the Tribune Trust following the April 2014 meeting having been the director for over 10 years. Mr Paul Cheeseman will take over the Directorship of the Trust having retired from his post in the Office of Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner. Mr Cheeseman has wide experience of criminal justice and community safety in a number of capacities including his long and distinguished service in Humberside Police. The position as director is mainly honorary and has no salary. More information about the change of director and new contact details will be circulated in April.

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