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Police Team ps1150-37'Driffield Police Team'Claire Watson, Steve Wilson, Faye Chapman, SGT Ryan Reed, Sue Edmond, Chris Webster

Police Team ps1150-37'Driffield Police Team'Claire Watson, Steve Wilson, Faye Chapman, SGT Ryan Reed, Sue Edmond, Chris Webster

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THE Neighbourhood Team have established new priority targets for each area for February. These priorities are reviewed at the end of every month.

The priority targets are made purely on the evidence of complaints and reported issues from members of the public about problems in their respective areas.

Each month the priorities are reviewed and usually up to three target areas are identified. This months priorities in the Driffield and rural areas as follows:

1. Priority issue: Criminal Damage – Driffield

During January we had three criminal damages reported.

Overnight New Years Eve into New Years Day an unknown substance was poured onto the paint work of two cars parked on a drive in Park Avenue, the substance caused the paint to bubble and has caused extensive damage to the vehicles.

Overnight between January 1 and 2 the Perspex glass in a notice board on Auchinleck Close was damaged.

About midnight on January 21 the glass in the front door of a house on Westgate was damaged.

2. Priority issue: Under age drinking

During January there was just one report of under age drinking and no alcohol seizures have been made.

About 9.15pm on January 13 a report was received of noisy youths congregating in the park, on checking the park a number of alcohol bottles were found in the area where the noise had been coming from.

We will be continuing with this priority for a further period to ensure we can maintain this level of calm.

3. Priority issue: Burglary – Dwellings and outbuildings

During January we had had just two burglaries reported.

Between December 24 and January 4 an out building containing a heating oil tank at premises on Kellythorpe Industrial Estate was entered, a quantity of oil was stolen.

Between January 13 and 16 an attempt was made to enter the old doctors surgery on Bridge Street, some boarding was removed from the windows and glass was broken, no entry was gained.

Offenders brought to justice

On January 5 a male was charged with a public order offence after an incident on Spencers Way.

On January 19 two females were issued with fixed penalty notices for theft after an incident in Lidl.

About 1.40pm on January 24 a male was detained after he was seen trying to remove lead from above a window of Albion House.


Type: Community and Young People

Venue: Boxing Club - Unit 2A, 35 Eastgate North, Driffield, YO25 6DG

Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 6.30pm to 8.00pm for ages 14 to 19 (£1)

Type: Community and Young People

Venue: Boxing Club - Driffield School North Gym, Manorfield Road, Driffield, YO25HR

Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday

Time: 6pm to 7pm for ages eight to 13 (50p)

Type: Police Surgery

Venue: Driffield School, Manorfield Road, Driffield, YO25 5HR

Date: Every Tuesday

Time: 10am to 12pm

Type: Police surgery

Venue: The Children’s Centre, Beckside, Driffield, YO25 6QP

Date: Thursday March 8

Time: 3.15pm to 4.15pm

Type: Police surgery

Venue: Town Council Offices

Date: Last Thursday of the month

Time: 1pm to 3pm

News and Appeals

Other than the offences mentioned above we have had a further seven offences reported.

On January 4 and January 12 vehicles were broken into on the Skerne Road Industrial area, the offences occurred around 5pm and 5.30pm, the vehicles were only left unattended for a few minutes but there was still time to break a window and steal a handbag from inside, please don’t leave valuables in vehicles.

Between 1pm and 1.15pm on January 6 a purse was stolen from the top of a bag whilst the owner was shopping in the town, this is an opportunistic crime and people will take advantage if they can.

Between 10pm on January 12 and 12.30am on January 13 a hand bag was taken from a table in a public house in the town, the bag was later recovered but not before withdrawals from an ATM using a card from the bag had been made.

Please be careful with your bags and purses and do not give the criminals the opportunity to help themselves.

Overnight on January 2 and 3 milk was stolen from a doorstep on Fawcett Gardens.

Between 2am and 3am on New Years Day a male was assaulted in Cranwell Road whilst trying to help a drunken female, enquiries are continuing to identify the offenders.

Between midnight and 1am on New Years Eve a male juvenile was assaulted on Market Place, the same offender assaulted him again at 10.30pm on January 20 during a disturbance on Middle Street South; enquiries are ongoing to identify the offender.

Anti Social Behaviour

During January we have had five calls for service in relation to anti social behaviour.

At 9pm on January 13 and 19 reports were received of a group of rowdy youths in Adlephi Street.

At 7.30pm on January 19 a report was received that a group of youths were wrecking the play equipment in Northend Park, a patrol attended and although there were youths in the park they were orderly and the play equipment was found in good order.

At 7.50pm on January 20 a group of 15 youths entered Lidl and when approached by staff one in particular became abusive, he will be receiving a Fairway letter.

At 4.30pm on January 22 several youths were seen running about on the flat roof of the old doctors surgery on Bridge Street, when confronted by a resident they became abusive before making off.

Villages Update

Cottam: Overnight January 10 and 11 a fertiliser spreader was stolen from a barn in the Cottam area.

East Wolds and Coastal Update for January 2012

This month’s priorities in the East Wolds and Costal areas:

1. Priority issue: Hutton Cranswick – Anti-Social Behaviour

This month Hutton Cranswick has reported a number of issues in relation to a gate being removed from a property and found nearby as well as trellis being damaged, a group of youths were challenged in the early hours but ran off and no description obtained.

The school is still getting youths in the grounds and police have been in touch with the Head Master who will endeavour to replace the old warning signs. Trespassing is a civil offence and anyone found on the premises’ details will be obtained and passed onto the school to deal with as well as being dealt with appropriately by the police and East Riding Council.

2. Priority issue: Rural Crime – Poaching

Rural Crime is still an issue this month although there have been no issues on our patch in relation to coursing, there has been reports of wheeling’s in the Burton Agnes area.

There have been two poaching operations in the Kilham and Rudston area during January with no offences revealed. Anyone who sees anything suspicious in relation to poaching should call the police on 101.

3. Priority issue: Burton Fleming – Speeding

The issue of speeding still continues in Burton Fleming and police will still monitor the traffic dependent on resources available.

The local council have also offered assistance and will place a Golden River in the village – this monitors the speed of traffic over a 24 hour period providing information in relation to speed, time and quantity of traffic passing.

Offenders brought to justice

A male has been arrested and charged with two counts of theft following a party in Hutton Cranswick.

The victims had the contents taken out of a handbag and also a jacket. The suspect was found to have the items on his person when stopped by police.


Type: Surgery

Venue: Rudston Village Hall

Date: February 23

Time: 11am to 12pm

Type: Neighbourhood Watch

Venue: Kilham – The Bay Horse PH

Date: February 21

Time: 7.30pm

News and Appeals

PC Janet Bates is moving on after nearly four years in her post as Neighbourhood Officer for East Wolds and Coastal, her replacement will take over shortly.

Following the number of burglaries last December in Brandesburton police have targeted the area over January 2012 by attending the village a number of times each day.

The public are reminded to keep things out of view, valuables locked away and to keep their doors locked even whilst in the house.

Brandesburton/North Frodingham area: A handbag was stolen from a kitchen in Brandesburton between 4.30pm and 5.30pm on January 5. The handbag was later recovered in Leven and enquiries are continuing.

Damage to gates was caused at the Fosse Hill Jet Ski Centre, Brandesburton between December 24 and January 11 followed by the shutters being forced at the premises and equipment taken.

Beeford/Skipsea/Ulrome area: Double glazed doors were smashed at a property in Skipsea on January 19, the suspect entered the premises but it is still unsure as to what if anything had been taken. Forensic enquiries are ongoing.

Cranswick/Hutton Cranswick area: Hutton Cranswick has become a priority for the next month and police will pay particular attention following two reports between January 21 and 22 of a gate being lifted off its hinges and been found further down the road and garden trellis being damaged at a property. Youths were challenged in the early hours in the area by residents but ran off.

Nafferton area: A burglary occurred in Nafferton on January 22 whereby the offender entered via the rear entrance and stole a handbag and its contents.

Barmston/Fraisthorpe area: Nothing to report

Gransmoor/Kelk/Lissett area: Nothing to report

Burton Agnes/Carnaby area: Nothing to report

Burton Fleming/Wold Newton area: Nothing to report

Rudston/Kilham/Langtoft area: Two burglaries between January 15 and 16 occurred in Kilham one at Cranberry Foods and one to a shed lock at a premise.


Your local police work to resolve issues that are affecting your quality of life where you live.

The Neighbourhood team regularly discuss problems in areas where you live and set target patrol hotspots for these identified areas.

This is purely done from receiving complaints from members of the public living in affected areas.

If you witness or experience crime or anti social behaviour where you live, let your local police know so that action can be taken.

If the police don’t know about problems, they can not resolve them. Report crime and Anti social behaviour on 101.

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