Council spending £3,000 a pop to improve roundabouts with artwork

council roundabouts

council roundabouts

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A four-year programme designed to improve key routes into towns and tourist areas in the East Riding will see further artworks created on roundabouts in Bridlington, Beverley, Hedon and Goole in 2014.

The cost of the work is £3,000 a roundabout, but East Riding of Yorkshire Council say this is covered by sponsorship so essentially the scheme is cost neutral.

Over the past two years, many roundabouts across the area have been transformed using low-maintenance, sustainable planting schemes combined with hard landscaping designs.

Works completed include a racehorse artwork on the A1079 approach to Beverley and the seaside images on the A165 near to Bridlington. Both designs were made from coloured stone laid within a metal framework to produce large mosaic pictures clearly visible to passing motorists.

This year, four schemes are planned on roundabouts in Main Street, Carnaby (A614),

Hull Road, Hedon (A1033), Glews Garage, Rawcliffe Road, Goole (A614), and Swinemoor Lane / Hull Bridge Road, Beverley (A1035).

Main Street, Carnaby (A614) will have a seaside theme that will include a model of a fishing boat sat on a raised bed of blue glass chippings with white stone images of sea creatures displayed beneath and is anticipated to be completed by May.

Hull Road, Hedon (A1033) will feature two raised triangular windmill shaped beds located between the chevron signs where they can be clearly seen. The beds are to be planted with evergreen shrubs towards the centre of the roundabout with a mixture of perennial plants at the front facing the road. This will provide a traditional garden scene to be enjoyed all year round. Work is anticipated to be completed by May.

Rawcliffe Road, Goole (A614) is currently under construction. Consultation is taking place with Airmyn Parish Council regarding the design for this roundabout, which will incorporate a local theme, and is anticipated to be complete by October.

Swinemoor Lane/ Hull Bridge Road, Beverley (A1035) will see works commence to improve the appearance of this roundabout once the road works for Beverley’s new southern relief road are complete. This design will feature two large crescent shaped beds which are raised up to be clearly visible to road users. The beds will include a mixture of evergreen shrubs, perennial plants and some seasonal bedding to provide an all year round display. Work is anticipated to be complete by October.

Councillor Chris Matthews, cabinet portfolio holders for infrastructure, highways and emergency planning at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The authority’s gateways and corridors programme is an innovative way of improving the main routes in and out of major towns across the East Riding, helping to promote the area and provide a sense of civic pride.

“The designs make excellent use of sustainable planting, are low in maintenance and are being funded from existing budgets.

“The project also helps the council to attract interest from businesses, which has resulted in an increase in private sponsorship of council-maintained roundabouts, helping the authority to maintain grounds maintenance provision.”

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