Twenty years of triumph

Naomi ps1133-1a'Medals for Naomi'Naomi Smith

Naomi ps1133-1a'Medals for Naomi'Naomi Smith

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A Nafferton woman is celebrating the 20th anniversary of a successful liver transplant.

Naomi Smith, 21, who works as a midday supervisor at King’s Mill School in Driffield, has won 39 medals for Great Britain in both the British and World Transplant Games despite undergoing a the transplant at just 16 months old after being diagnosed with a congenital liver disease.

Naomi said: “It’s a massive milestone, a lot of people don’t see 20 years.”

Due to a back injury, Naomi is no longer competing professionally but says the 2009 World Transplant Games in Australia has been her biggest highlight to date.

Naomi added: “It’s a dream for most families to go to Australia but for us to go and for me to get my medals and two world records while we were there was amazing.”

Naomi achieved world records in both high jump and long jump in the 2009 games.

The Nafferton resident, who is now waiting to study Horticulture at college, is urging people to join the Organ Donor Register.

She said: “If people could see people before their transplants and then what they achieve after, not just sport but going to uni, getting an education, so much they would not have achieved otherwise - I think that’s a great advert for it.

“A lot of people wouldn’t be here without the transplants, I know I wouldn’t have made it to 20 years without it,” Naomi added.

To celebrate her 20 years since undergoing her transplant, on February 24 1994, Naomi will join her family, mum Jane, dad Dean, brother Oliver and his family, and her partner Tom for a game of bowling and a celebratory meal.

To join the Organ Donor Register visit:

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